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Kiwi Charger

TA-K2 | TA-K4

The KIWI BOX Universal Charging Station can charge multiple portable devices at the same time using only one power cable and without the need of a charging cable. Offering convenient charging in a compact and elegant design with patented interchangeable heads that are compatible with all Smartphone devices to be found on the market. The KIWI BOX is fit for use wherever the need for device charging might be. There are both the K2 & the K4 models, there is more information about the two individual products below.
  1. The connectors are compatible with all brands
  2. 2.1A USB port(s) for Smartphone and tablets
  3. Integrated fastening system for the connectors
  4. Ejection system of the charging connectors using pressure at the back
  5. Security plate available to prevent access to ejection system and secure the power cord
  6. Branding or full covering bespoke finish available


The K2 comes with 2 charging heads, including:
  1. One Micro USB
  2. One iPhone Lighting
  3. One 2.1Amp USB port
The K2 model comes in Black, White & Silver colour alterations. And its small dimensions (12 x 12 x 2.6) allow it to be placed on almost any surface allowing easy, fast accessibility for guests.
The K4 comes with 4 charging heads, including:
  1. Two Micro USB Connectors
  2. One iPhone 30-Pin Connector
  3. One iPhone Lightning Connector
The K4 model also comes with the three colour options (Black, White & Silver), and with very similar dimensions to the K2 (16 x 16 x 2.6), the K4 is still just as accessible for the guests.


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